☰ Eco-friendly English in Form 3

Eco-friendly English in Form 3

Posted on: October 9th 2020

Eco-friendly English in Form 3

This half term Form 3 have been studying the book 'Dear Greenpeace' to link to formal and persuasive letter writing in English.

We began by learning about who Greenpeace are and what they do. Then we researched the fires in the Amazon rainforest before writing our own letters to Greenpeace to find out what more can be done to protect the rainforest. Leading on from this, this week the children have begun studying the poem 'There's a Rang-tan in my bedroom'. The poem explains how Orangutan's homes are being destroyed for palm oil.

The children discussed the issues in the poem before performing it using expression, tone, rhythm and pacing. They will eventually be working towards writing and performing their own poems about endangered animals. This unit has been a great opportunity to discuss global warming, deforestation and plastic pollution alongside our English objectives.

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