☰ Form 3 Learn About the Past & Future of Science

Form 3 Learn About the Past & Future of Science

Posted on: February 28th 2014

The pupils of Forms 3C and 3S enjoyed an exciting visit to the Science Museum recently. They have collaborated to create a recount of their trip:On Tuesday 25th February, Form 3 went to the Science Museum in South Kensington, London. We went there hoping to learn about Science in the past and in the future.

When we arrived, we went to the Technology & Media area. We were astonished and dazzled by the massive digital message wheel that displayed people’s messages. Also, there was a large old-fashioned sound recording machine opposite an obsolete Atari computer from the 1980s. As well as the old technology, there was an exhibit that explained how you might use technology in the future. It was fascinating and amusing to see what happened in the past and might happen in the future.

After that, we visited the Launchpad. We were amazed and excited by all the activities to do! Some of our favourites were the wave machine, the bean wheel, ball and net launcher, spinning whirl, music rod and the gravity bounce pad. It was the finest area at the museum because it had dozens of entertaining science activities. Mr Alderton, Miss Skehan and Miss Ficken guided us through the rooms.

Time seemed to fly by and soon it was lunchtime. By a massive digital machine, which displayed numerous messages from museum visitors, we had our delicious lunch. As we gobbled up our lunch (we were starving!), we chatted happily about the exhibits we had already seen and what we would see next. Some of us read the interesting messages on the gigantic machine.

After lunch, we went to the games centre, where we played various entertaining and exciting games. One of our favourite games was where you took a picture of yourself and it showed what you would look like as a member of the opposite sex, in addition to what you would look like as an older person! Another camera took a close up picture of your iris. It was breath-taking to see this in such detail.

Following the fun of the games centre, we moved on to the In future exhibit, which had lots of games and facts about life in the future. There was a large interactive game with different scenarios for what might happen in the future. Our task was to decide whether the ideas were a good or bad idea. We had a terrific time as lots of children from both classes got to play the game together.

As the day was coming to an end, we collected our belongings and wearily strolled back to the coach. We had a wonderful day and everyone enjoyed themselves thoroughly. Without a doubt, we would recommend this trip to other children because there were so many inspiring things at the Science Museum.

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