☰ Form 3 trip to the Roald Dahl Museum

Form 3 trip to the Roald Dahl Museum

Posted on: May 4th 2018

Form 3 trip to the Roald Dahl Museum

On Wednesday 25th April, Form 3 visited the Roald Dahl Museum. The purpose of this visit, was to help the children get creative and use their imagination, just like Roald Dahl did in his stories.

The day started off with a very interesting tour of Great Missenden village, the village where Roald Dahl lived and wrote books for 36 years. We stopped at many different sites, each with a story behind them. The first site that we stopped at, was a library. This was the place that Roald Dahl imagined would be where Matilda would read all her books. We also saw a Post Office that received thousands of letters from people wanting to tell Roald Dahl what they thought of his books!

The final stop of the tour was to a church where we were able to visit the grave of Roald Dahl. Once the tour was over and we had our lunch, we got to explore the museum. There were two sections, one about Roald Dahl as a child and the other, about Roald Dahl in his adult life. The final part of the day included the children taking part in many activities. The  children created new words, created new characters and even recorded phrases and sounds of their new characters. The trip was a great success and everyone returned to school with fresh, exciting and imaginative ideas to include in their writing.

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