☰ Form 3 walk like Egyptians!

Form 3 walk like Egyptians!

Posted on: June 5th 2015

On May 21st May, the children in Form 3 swapped their usual Norfolk House uniform for white tunics, golden jewellery and headdresses to celebrate Egyptian day.

In the morning the children investigated Egyptian Gods. We learned that the Gods had the head of an animal and the body of a human. The animal head was symbolic of what the God stood for. We then brainstormed what Gods we could have and created our own Gods!

We then learned all about the mummification process . Did you know that the mummification process involved taking the organs from the body and preserving them in jars?  The children created their own vase wax drawings that were washed over with water colours to build in a background.

In the afternoon, the children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own sugar pyramids with Mrs Duffy.  The day was thoroughly enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Miss Howson

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