☰ Form 3O write their own exciting stories

Form 3O write their own exciting stories

Posted on: December 2nd 2011

In their English lessons this term, Form 3O have been studying Greek myth stories. After identifying the features and types of characters they should include, they wrote their own exciting stories using adventurous language and detailed descriptions. Here are some selected paragraphs from three of the children’s finished stories and I think you will agree that Form 3O really have shown their developing abilities as talented young writers.

Hector walked to the lake with Zeus, who told him that he had to save the Gods by destroying the evil creature Hidro. In order to do that he had to stop Hidro from sending out poisonous fire as then he would turn to stone.

“But how am I going to find him?” exclaimed Hector.

Zeus told him to go to Argos so Hector rode there on a horse. However it was a long journey as it took seven hours so he stopped to have a rest. Suddenly someone came out of the bushes and they had a sword! As quick as a blink Hector grabbed his sword and shield but he was so scared that he knocked himself in the face with his shield and fell to the floor…

By Aaran Mitra

In Delphi no plants were growing and everyone was fighting over food. All the lands had been destroyed by Hades but one day Perseus had enough of it so he wanted to know where Hades was. He walked away from the town and suddenly Perseus noticed Athena coming along and asked, “Do you know where the Underworld is?”“No,” she replied, “But I think I know who does..”

By Maria Sophocli

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