☰ Form 4 Find Their Brave Together

Form 4 Find Their Brave Together

Posted on: February 7th 2020

Form 4 Find Their Brave Together

Form 4 shared their stories of when they were confronted by challenges in their young lives. They have shown resilience in their different experiences and enjoyed sharing these stories with their friends and their teachers. Examples of ‘Finding their Brave’ are: jumping from a height into the water with waves crashing against the rocks; performing a long practised dance alone in front of a large audience; being frightened of going down the plug hole with the bath water or monsters coming out of the plug hole! 

More recently, some of our children were chosen to sing a Harvest Festival Solo in front of the whole school and at the Carols by Churchlight, two children said their own made up poem in front of the school and parents.  What bravery! 

For these situations and occasions, they were given assurance of safety by their parents, or brothers and sisters when jumping into the water; confirmation of talent and ability in performing on stage and in front of lots of people, and finally, understanding that facts that are believed at a very young age should be challenged as they grow older – realisation that it just can’t happen – going down the plug hole!  It took courage to share these thoughts as well with the class. They have all Found Their Brave this week.

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