☰ Form 4: Form of the Week

Form 4: Form of the Week

Posted on: March 12th 2015

In English, Form 4 have been practising their story writing skills.  

4C have learnt about different sentence types and used a clip called Trouble in Paradise to inspire our writing.  Can you spot our simple, compound and complex sentences?
Casper: The crab, who was very small, was annoyed when the coconut fell from the tree.  He was puzzled when he first saw it because it looked like a face! Slowly, the crab tried to push it into the beautiful sea.  Wanting to be the only animal on the island, he made sure it didn’t come back.  The smug crab was ecstatic to be alone when very quietly fell a…
William: One day, as the glorious sun was beating down on a small tropical island, a bright ruby red crab was digging a tiny hole in the sand.  He scuttled out of the hole and looked up at the lone, massive coconut tree, muttering to himself,
 ‘This is definitely paradise, nothing could be better!’
Suddenly, he heard a loud thump behind him.  Cautiously, he turned around and, being curious, went over to investigate.  Lying on the sand was a strange round object.  Tentatively, he turned the object and saw three holes on it which he thought looked like two eyes and a nose.
Now, the crab wasn’t very fond of the face, I mean coconut, so he decided to push it down and down the island until it was in the lovely, turquoise, warm water.  But his happiness didn’t last for long because suddenly the whole island shook again.  Thump! The crab nervously turned around and there was another coconut staring right at him! 
Georgia: On a beautiful paradise island there was a little red crab who had a weird experience with a big brown coconut.  The red crab had been disturbed when the coconut had fallen out of its tree.  The crab was suspicious about the coconut so he ran back and forth all around it.
The crab rolled the coconut over to reveal its face.  The crab was stunned.  He decided to say goodbye to Mr Coconut forever! The only way he could get rid of him was the push him out to sea.  It wasn’t easy because it was full of milk but he made it…eventually. 
Just as he thought it was all over, another one fell on the beach – what do you think he did next?
Form 4W have been writing mystery stories about a key that Miss Walker found on her way to school one morning….

Saul: In the gloomy chest there were five sparkly diamonds, there were also loads of bank notes and those bank notes were 1000 dollar bills! First, he took some bank notes but then he saw on the five diamonds a place.  Each place was in different countries. He tried the one that said England out of the cave.  He picked it up. BOOM! Scruffy just disappeared.  He appeared to be right outside the school gates.  Right at that moment he had remembered that he had left the key in the chest.  He sprinted home like Usain Bolt.
“Where have you been?” his mum shouted when he got home.
“I’ve been at late school” exclaimed Scruffy.
Jessica: “Aaaaaahhh!” Judith screamed in terror.  The key had opened the lock.  Judith was a giant’s chew toy.  Petrified, Judith dared herself to enter the abandoned shack.
There is was.  Judith, scared as she was, had a sense of calm but not for long.  The switch was begging her.  Screaming for her to flick it.  The temptation was too strong.  She flicked it.  Nobody would ever do so again.
Daniel: Unexpectedly, he got grazed by a slippery, slimy monster (soldier, Roman) on the cheek.  In a flash of wind the undefeatable Emperor used his karate moves to whack him in his face with a kick.  He fell down with a THUD.  He was killed. 
“Yay,” replied Emperor, “now I can come back home.”
He hastily found the bygone key in his pocket.  He didn’t know what to do with it so he raised the key in the air and jumped.  Unexpectedly he was home.  He chucked the key out the window like it was dynamite. 
“Harry Emperor, it’s time for dinner.  It’s fish fingers and chips,” exclaimed mum. 
Harry looked at the clock.  It was 5.20.  It looked like no time had passed at all.

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