☰ Investigations and Experiments in Form 4

Investigations and Experiments in Form 4

Posted on: December 6th 2019

Investigations and Experiments in Form 4

Form 4 have been learning about the human body. The children have focused on teeth and the digestive system.

They looked at animal skulls to determine their diet based on whether their teeth were predominantly molars (perfect for herbivores) or if they had incisors (ideal for carnivores and omnivores). The children conducted an experiment to examine the effect of sugar on teeth. They placed eggs in a variety of liquids including coke and vinegar. They were horrified to see that after only a couple of days, the eggshell in the vinegar had disintegrated completely and was very rubbery. The shell of the egg in the coke rubbed off in their fingers. From this, the children learnt that it is essential they protect the enamel of their teeth by brushing them properly every morning and every night.

When the children moved on to the digestive system, they had great fun drawing round some children in the class, labelling things like the oesophagus and large intestines. Did you know your small intestine is about six or seven metres long?! They even enjoyed the homework they were set - 'A day in the life of a ...' where the children had to write a story of the journey of some food from the packet, to the plate, to the mouth and all the way through the body and out the other end!

The children hope that you enjoy reading their work as much as they enjoyed writing it!

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