☰ Form 4 Netball v Gatehouse

Form 4 Netball v Gatehouse

Posted on: October 2nd 2014

On Wednesday, 24th September 2014, Form 4 girls traveled to Gatehouse School near Victoria Park  with Miss Clark and Mrs Osborne to play netball. Unfortunately, three Form 4 girls were unable to attend, but luckily two Form 5 girls, Beth and Olivia kindly stepped in to fill the team. It was a beautiful day for a netball match and the girls were in high spirits. After the girls got used to their positions and recognised the opponents they were supposed to be marking, they adapted to the flow of the game with ease. Daisy was quick on her feet, always open for a pass and ready to shoot. Jessica played centre brilliantly, helping move the ball swiftly down the court. Olivia’s accuracy with her shots was astounding, matching Gatehouse point for point. The teams continued to match point for point throughout the game and it concluded in a draw, seven all. The teams celebrated with cheers for the opposing team and the girls shared biscuits and orange juice after the game. Overall, it was a successful first match! Congratulations, Form 4 girls!

Netball results to date:
25.9.14 - Gatehouse v NH
7-7 (D)
1.10.14 - Salcombe v NH
7-22 (W)

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