☰ Form 4 Residential

Form 4 Residential

Posted on: July 8th 2022

Form 4 Residential

Last week, Form 4 went on our long-awaited school journey. As you can see from the recounts below, we had an amazing time!


When we arrived at Southend we ran straight to the beautiful yellow beach to have our lunch, play and have some fresh air. After that, we walked to Sealife and we saw fish, sharks, monkeys, meerkats, tortoises and humongous scary dinosaurs. I loved seeing all the animals, they were so cute we even named a chubby, cute, intelligent monkey ‘Chunky’. A few hours later we had just got out of Sealife and were heading to the beach again. On the way there Miss Harman took a photo of me in front of my hotel. When we got to the beach we sat down and did some mindfulness on the cold sand. I got some sand in my shoes.             

By Hope


Finally, we were there. We found Sealife but we were early so we headed down to the glimmering, shining, sea. We skimmed stones on the aqua sea. SPLASH! We had our lunch on the beach while we waited to go into Sealife. 

It was time to go into Sealife. We queued up. We were all given blue wristbands. We all went into the Aquarium. There was a lobster. It looked like it was purple because of the light shining on it.

There was a tunnel which was see-through so we could see all of the fish and we found a shark. It was creepy because it kept swimming above our heads. We finished going through the Aquarium so we went back to the beach and did some  mindfulness. We made emojis in the sand to show our feelings. By Aria


Go Ape, Battersea

When we got to Go Ape I felt scared and so excited that I could explode with joy! As they put my harness on, me and Tabitha made up a silly dance about how nervous we were! But when I got on that platform I felt like I could do anything. I did level one two times and I did level two once. Level one was ok but to tell you the truth when I did level one for the first time I did find it scary but the second time I was fine because I knew what was going to  happen and what I was going  to have to do.

The thing that scared me the most was level two. It was ok at first but then it got harder and more difficult until I got to this part when I had to jump onto these swinging planks I felt my heart pounding out of my chest. I was causing a lot of congestion but I had my friends and teachers to support me and I managed to do it! I thought it was so much fun and I was sad when we had to leave for lunch but I was kind of glad that it was over and I could relax and have time to eat my yummy  sandwich which I made and it was amazing (I had ham in my sandwich). 

Go Ape was very scary but I loved it. In conclusion I thought that it was great even though I was petrified. I would go again for sure! 

By Amber



On the second day we walked to the tube and travelled to Battersea Park but when we tried to take a photo, a very annoying man kept walking in the way. Then we walked to Go Ape  but the teachers got lost! We split into two groups for Go Ape and I was in the second group. On Go Ape there were tree to tree zip lines which I had never seen before. It was so fun and I got to fly over everyone's head and shout their names; it was so fun!                 

Then we did some ground games while the teachers rested.  We also went to the Petting Zoo and saw a bay meerkat through a little bubble and there were mice in the birds cage.  We got a pen that looked like a pencil which was filled with blue ink. Then we headed back for takeaway pizza including hawaiian (but we only knew that later).  By Isaac.


Frith Grange Campsite

On Wednesday the 29th of June to Friday the 1st of July we went to a residential at Finchley scout camp because our trip to Norfolk was cancelled. So we got a coach to a camp in Finchley because all the other camps were booked out, luckily the Finchley scout camp had a space for us.

At first I was quite nervous because it was the first time away from home without any of my family but when I got there I was fine and my heart was pounding with excitement when I walked through the camp’s gate. When I saw the bouncy castle it felt like my whole body stopped and my heart skipped a beat when I saw the assault course. My mind was blown after I found out that we could go on the assault course and it was so fun. 

The next evening Miss Harman gave us each a list for a scavenger hunt in the woods but in the end the last thing on the list was a pinecone. Unfortunately no one could find one. After that Mrs Malcomess and Mrs Gormley started lighting the campfire and all of my year group told either a joke, riddle, or sang. When the fire was nice and hot we roasted marshmallows and made smores. Then eventually we went to bed.

By Elliot

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