☰ Form 4 Trip to the Tower of London

Form 4 Trip to the Tower of London

Posted on: March 18th 2016

At the Tower of London we saw lots of amazing things including the CROWN JEWELS! 

We learnt that two of Henry VIII’s wives were beheaded at the Tower of London. Did you know both of the wives could see their scaffold being built?! Lots of other people were beheaded there but they weren't executed in the grounds of the tower. Both Catherine Howard and Anne Boleyn (the wives that were beheaded) were buried in the tower’s church which we saw but unfortunately weren't allowed to go inside. Lots of us went to the torture chamber and the  Bloody Tower. This is where the princes slept and stayed when they were held captive in the tower in 1483. My favourite part was seeing where their bones were found 200 years later. In the torture chamber we saw a giant rack and we also saw a manacle. Most people’s favourite thing was the Crown Jewels. We saw the Crown Jewels for Charles II, Queen Victoria and we saw Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation crown!

By Oliver and Zain

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