☰ Form 4 visit the Science Museum

Form 4 visit the Science Museum

Posted on: January 25th 2019

Form 4 visit the Science Museum

Form 4 recently enjoyed a trip to the Science Museum. Read a report from Form 4 about their day:

On Tuesday 22nd January, Form 4 went to the Science Museum, it was fantastic! First of all, we stepped on the coach and then we were on our way. We finally arrived at our destination, the Science Museum.

The first gallery that we wandered into was Space - it was out of this world! After a few minutes, we strolled off into the engineering exhibition and gazed at all of the elegant cars that had been developed over the years. Then we dropped off our bags and went into ‘Wonder Lab’!

After we put our rucksacks in a little cabinet, we sat down and listened to the instructor. He told us that the next station was Wonder Lab and that in there you could touch and play with everything! We got very excited and headed in there. First of all Kyran and Taylor did the ‘sip and spray’ and Kyran won. After that, we went and explored different activities including which shape travels furthest when blown and which material causes the most friction (we got to go down a slide to test that one!)

Next, we went to the show called ‘Flash Bang Wallop’. It was all about fire and explosions! We learnt you need oxygen, fuel and heat to make a fire. At the end, we all started singing the song ‘Dynamite’ and finally, we got to eat our lunch. We chatted about the recent galleries and the things we did in Wonder Lab. We all had a brilliant day and learnt a lot.

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