☰ Form 4 share their PGL experience

Form 4 share their PGL experience

Posted on: May 17th 2019

Form 4 share their PGL experience

At the start of May, Form 4 pupils enjoyed their three-day residential at PGL activity centre.

Read a report from Form 4 about their experiences:

PGL is a fun experience for all ages. You are there for three days (depending on the school) you do around nine activities. The lunches are very good considering that we were in the middle of the woods. In this article, we are going to speak about some of the activities we did.

The Giant Swing by Flores
The day of the giant swing was probably the best day of my life. Emily and I were partners and when we got to the top we had to pull a piece of really thin string! Emily and I lightly tugged the piece of string because we were very nervous. We looked down and shouted, “It’s not working!”

They shouted back “Pull harder!”

I yanked the piece of string and we shouted once again, “It’s still not work….AHHHHHH!” In the middle of our sentence we were let go and went flying through the air.

Ambush by George
In Ambush we played four games; two were Ninja Squirrel and the other two were Ambush. When playing Ambush, we had to hide in teams in the dark night.

When I was hiding, Toby and I coated ourselves in leaves and dirt so we disappeared. We heard the seeking team chant, “We will find you...we will find you.” We made some noise and were soon busted!

Raft Building by Emily
On Friday morning, everyone in Form 4 took part in the activity, raft building. Our instructor Becca showed us how to make the raft, she was a great help!

Once the raft was built, we were ready to go. We hopped on with our paddles and started to push the water away from us. And guess what we saw...tadpoles! We then started to play some fun games like collect the most rubber ducks and catch the most balls. Near the end of the session, Miss Camlin made the decision to jump in the lake!

The Challenge Course by Sol
The challenge course was a hard obstacle course that was really fun. Some of the obstacles were; ceiling to floor tyres that you had to climb through, a balance beam, a net of leaves you had to crawl under and poles you had to go over and under. Once you got to the end you had to do a laser challenge but it was made with rope, not lasers. To make it harder you had to do the whole thing again but all hanging onto the same piece of rope!

The Zipwire by Jessica
On the second day of PGL, it was the day we were going to do the zipwire! Firstly, we put on our harnesses and tightened them. Next, our instructor John told us how to run when you were approaching the end of the zipwire.

Soon it was my turn and I was a bit scared. Seconds later...whoosh! I was basically flying! In the end, it turned out to be my favourite activity!


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