☰ Form 5 and 6 Creative Curriculum Event

Form 5 and 6 Creative Curriculum Event

Posted on: November 28th 2014

On Wednesday 26th November, forms 5 and 6 treated trooped down to St. Andrew’s Church Hall to treat parents to a programme of creative and sporting performances. The Creative Curriculum Event is a fantastic opportunity for the children to share some of the skills they have been so impressively acquiring during their sports lessons this term, as well as a great showcase for our aspiring musicians: whether they learn their instrument in or out of school.
After a characteristically jovial welcome from Mr Ashton, the Head Boy and Girl acted as our compares and introduced the afternoon’s entertainment. Form 5 started the performances off with an immaculately delivered demonstration of some of the skills that they had learned in their Yoga lessons. Some of the children introduced the poses, explaining their health benefits, before the whole class took on the positions in carefully orchestrated synchronicity. The display was not only impressive in its timing, but also because of the children’s abilities. They were graceful and poised and many were extremely accomplished, exhibiting excellent balance, flexibility and strength; for example, the upward wheel pose introduced by Marissa and the arm balances introduced by Ben.

The musical presentation followed with performances on guitar, saxophone and piano – with Tilika impressively playing the piano and singing at the same time.  We were delighted by a range of musical pieces from classical Beethoven to the Beetles on the piano, as well as some wonderful classical guitar, to the Theme from Pirates of the Caribbean on the saxophone. It can be quite daunting to play a musical instrument or to sing in front of an audience, yet all our musicians performed with great professionalism and demonstrated some wonderful musicality. They should all feel very proud of themselves, but a special mention must go to our senior girls in the music ensemble, started only this term! The girls have been exploring pentatonic scales in their ensemble work with Mr Cannon, and were keen to perform an improvisation in B flat major for the event; a daring move, which they pulled off with inspiring skill.

The event was rounded off with a definite Bang Bang! Form 6 performed their extremely well rehearsed and meticulously crafted Street Dance to the sounds of Little Mix (Salute), Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj (Bang Bang) and Pharrell Williams (Happy). The moves were slick, the ‘attitude’ alarmingly evident (some great acting!) and the choreography was brilliantly creative. It was obvious how much sweat and toil had gone into the production, but equally evident how much the children enjoyed their performance.
Form 5 and 6 should feel extremely proud of their performances. What wonderful fruits of their hard work. Many parents afterwards commented on how impressed they were and how much they had enjoyed the event. 

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