☰ Form 5 Buddy Experiences

Form 5 Buddy Experiences

Posted on: September 30th 2016

On Monday this week the children from Form 1 came over to see us for our first buddy meeting. When they arrived, I read to some of the younger children and after I’d finished the book we drew princesses on whiteboards. I didn’t just stay with the same person but moved around and did lots of other activities. When I saw two Form 1 girls who didn’t have anyone to be with I went over to them and we started to get along. I realised then that I’d found two buddies! For the rest of the session we drew together and I asked them lots of questions and found out that their names were Isabella and Lois. I was extremely happy and excited when I found out that they could both be my buddies. I am very glad I got to know them better and now I feel very responsible.

By Leila Salem

On Monday 26th September, the Form 1’s came over from Montessori House to the Form 5 classrooms. They introduced themselves and played with us. My buddy is Essie and we played ‘Guess Who?’ with Evie and Charlotte and we won our first game. I asked Essie if she wanted to draw and then we did a drawing competition and Essie won. She drew loads of flowers and I drew Essie’s name in bubble writing. I felt so glad and happy! Next, we played on the iPads and I found this cool app which lets you build whatever you want to make. I thought it was amazing how a Form 1 child could be so smart and I wish that the buddies could come every day!

By Priya Tiwana

We were desperately waiting for our buddies and when they arrived they all came over to me because I had all of the iPads. After one minute I was left with just one iPad and I scrambled around for a buddy and met a boy called Zen. He was kind hearted and liked playing on the iPad and we had a lot of fun playing Minecraft and some other games. I had a great time and hope that the next buddy session is soon!

By Rahul Rajani

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