☰ Form 5 Geography Field Trip to Muswell Hill Broadway

Form 5 Geography Field Trip to Muswell Hill Broadway

Posted on: October 2nd 2015

Last week Form 5 children participated in a field trip to the local high street as part of our unit on ‘Should the High Street be closed to traffic’. Prior to our visit we considered traffic issues that might be apparent in the high street.

We divided into three groups. One group explored the issue of parking in the high street. They studied the amount of parking spaces and discovered which parking restrictions applied. Being most vigilant they were astounded to discover evidence of illegal parking!

Another group were asked to create a tally chart of the different types of pedestrians they could observe in the high street in order to form an understanding of the demographic in Muswell Hill.
The remaining group created a tally chart of the number of vehicles they could see in the high street from one particular spot for a certain number of minutes. When they had completed their task, children were encouraged to evaluate how the traffic is controlled.

Information gathered from this trip will now be used to inform our opinion on whether the High street should be closed to traffic.

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