☰ Form 5 visit the Floating Classroom

Form 5 visit the Floating Classroom

Posted on: July 6th 2018

Form 5 visit the Floating Classroom

We were all extremely excited in the morning when Mr Florez told us the groups we were in on the public transport. We took the minibus to Finsbury park and then the tube to Oxford Circus. After that we went to Paddington Station were we saw a model of the famous bear, Paddington!

When we arrived we got a warm welcome from Lucy, Tim and Markel. Our first activity was bird watching. We saw coots, mallards, moorhens and canadian geese. When we went back inside the boat a few people got to try on webbed feet, clawed feet, sharp heron beaks and duck bills.

Tim had a surprise in store for us. He, who was a Herpetologist and studied insects, brought with him a millipede which had feet that clung to your hand like living velcro. He also let us feel a hairy Mexican Tarantula. Mr Florez’s face looked like he had eaten a sour lemon.

After that we looked at and held a cute frog called Bob. It felt like a balloon full of water.

All in all it was one of the best trips we have ever had. I would like to thank the teachers who came with us and the organisers.

By Leonard S (Form 5)

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