☰ Form 5’s Experiences of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012

Form 5’s Experiences of the Olympic and Paralympic Games 2012

Posted on: September 30th 2012

During the summer holidays many of the children in Form 5 were lucky enough to experience the excitement of attending events at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, which were held in their home city of London.

Kieran and Euan watched the wheelchair basketball at the Paralympic Games in September and they also travelled to the ExCel arena earlier in the summer.

“We saw fencing and there were lots of rounds. The matches were really quick and we were impressed by how quickly they moved their swords.”Scarlett also travelled further out of town to one of the London arenas where her family saw the gymnastics all round final, which she described as ‘amazing’.

“An American came first and a Russian came second but we only finished thirteenth. I do hope the Olympics will come to London again!”Huey had the opportunity to watch one of the most gripping events in the stadium and he reported:“At the two hundred metres the thing that inspired me was how fast Bolt could run in that amount of time! There was an electric atmosphere when he crossed the line and there were thousands of camera flashes at that moment. At the end he kissed the finish line as well!”Matthew also watched a gold winning performance:“When I was watching Chris Hoy’s race I felt so proud! I was sitting right above the finish line so when he zoomed past everyone roared their applause and so did I.”Form 5 have recorded their experiences for the rest of the school to share and they are currently displayed on the board in the dining hall. You will also find a range of drawings and photographs depicting their ‘2012 Olympic Summer’ so do take the time to have a look and see how the children made the most of having an Olympic Games in their own country, truly a once in a lifetime experience.

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