☰ Form 6 create descriptive narrative pieces based on "The Piano" animation

Form 6 create descriptive narrative pieces based on "The Piano" animation

Posted on: November 18th 2011

Form 6 have been working hard writing a descriptive narrative piece based on an animation called ‘The Piano’.

They have thought carefully about the emotions expressed through the music and the characters’ actions. The children tried to convey these through careful sentence construction and the use of figurative language. Have a look at these opening sections by Seth and Finlay. I hope you’ll agree that they are very effective indeed!

Mrs Walzer

The sound of the ivory keys pressing against the piano swooped around the room. The man’s slim fingers danced over them as a sweet but emotional melody drained away. The music filled the room like water. An imaginary hand glided onto the piano; it was the wife that he had lost. Her skin glowed like a ghost, making her almost transparent. The old man knew the music was digging out his most emotional memories. They played together while a wonderful tune drifted by. Leaning onto him, his wife gave him a slow and warming kiss on his cheek before fading away. She was there one moment. But the next, the man was sitting alone with his piano.

Seth Lau, F6

The old man slowly sat down. His gentle fingers played the snow white keys on the grand piano. The beautiful tune carried emotions, memories of good times he had once seen before. Even the song was a memory to him. His wife was there; the old man could feel her breathe on his neck. She started playing the piano with him. They didn’t stop playing the melody until she gave him a gentle, long- lasting kiss and faded away through the sound of the music. But the old man could still feel his wife’s presence in his heart.

Finlay Martin, F6


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