☰ Form 6 Football Tournament @ Lyndhurst

Form 6 Football Tournament @ Lyndhurst

Posted on: November 19th 2021

Form 6 Football Tournament @ Lyndhurst

What a great afternoon of football, we played brilliantly. As we arrived at Lyndhurst school we found out that our first game was against Devonshire house. We started off brilliantly in the first half and by the end of the first half we were up to a staggering 2-0 lead. Both goals were scored by Matthieu. As we kicked off the second half we didn’t play as well so the final score ended up 2-2. We were a bit disappointed but carried on with a growth mindset.

Our second game was against Hendon school. We started brilliantly and played amazingly as a team. The final score ended up 3-0 to Norfolk house school. We came off the pitch buzzing, having a resillient mindset for our next match.

Our next game was against the home school Lyndhurst. We didn’t start off so well but we kept the tempo high. It was a very even game and it ended up 1-1. We were very happy with our performance in the first three games and it was enough to get us into the semi-final.

Our semi-final was against St.Anthony's school. It was an extremely even game and by full time the score was 1-1. It went into six minutes of extra-time. Again it was very even with no goals scored. Now it was time for the penalty shootout. Both teams scored their first penalty.Our first penalty was scored by Nathaniel. Matthieu took a great penalty but the keeper made a great save. After that they scored their second penalty. We needed to score to stay in the game and we did with a great penalty by Max. We needed to save it to stay in the game. It was so tense. Alfred made an incredible save. Now it went into sudden death. We scored our first penalty by Aaron. If we saved it we were into the final. 

Alfred made the best save I have ever seen. We all celebrated and thanked Alfred.

The final was again against the home team Lyndhurst. It was a very even final and the match was extremely tense. Sadly we lost 1-0. We all shook hands. We were all disappointed but thankful we made the runners up.

We were thankful to Mr Ashton for giving up his time to take us there. It was a great day and we will always remember our great performance at this Tournament.


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