☰ Form 6 Trip to Haileybury School

Form 6 Trip to Haileybury School

Posted on: November 18th 2016

On Tuesday 8th of November 2016 year 6 went on a trip to Haileybury school were we did Science and we looked at the First World War Trench.

First we went to the science lab where we did some experiments. One of the experiments that took place was when we used a strawberry and extracted the DNA from it. After that the professor put a chemical in a water bottle which made it blow up. Wow, Wow Wow!

Most of us feasted on spaghetti and tomato sauce in a humongous dining hall while the others had something more adventurous to eat. The lady who was showing us around said that if you whisper from one corner then the person on the other side can hear you.

The last thing we did was to visit the trench. The trench wasn’t underground like real trenches because of health and safety. We also learnt a lot about former pupils of Haileybury who fought in the First World War. In the trench, we saw different places where soldiers,officers and commanders would stay. They created this because they wanted to remember their courageous pupils.


By Saul V-H

Form 6A


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