☰ Form 6 visit the RAF Museum

Form 6 visit the RAF Museum

Posted on: May 3rd 2019

Form 6 visit the RAF Museum

To consolidate some of their topic work, Form 6 recently enjoyed a trip to the RAF Museum in Hendon.

Read a report by Emily K, about the trip:

On Thursday 21st March Form 6 were lucky enough to go to the RAF Museum in Hendon. After our coach ride and checking through security, we had a quick look around at the planes. After putting all our things down we made our way to a WW2 themed room where our tour guide, Mike, was waiting.  

In that room was a ration shop, a bedroom and a living room. In the room, we did role play on how to protect yourself during a bombing. Mike dressed up as an Air Raid Warden and we were a group of school children learning. After that, we heard a loud sound which was a signal that a bomb was coming. We walked to a model of a real-life air raid shelter while the sounds of bombs were going on.

Next, we were lucky enough to try on real-life RAF jackets from the period of WW2 and some of us got to wear caps/hats as well! After trying on the outfits we took pieces of paper and for an hour we went around in groups of four and noted down the names of planes and some bombs. There was a site where you could look at what it would have looked like if a place got destroyed by a bomb. After we noted down those facts we went to our seating area and had lunch. After lunch, we played around looking at models of planes and going in them! We also got to see how it would have been in the air and we got to look at the hang gliders and parachutes that you would use to escape your plane.    

Then we went around the museum once more and looked at some bombs and which type of plane you would put them in. Also, we watched a short film summing up what it was like in the Battle Of Britain, in the air. Subsequently, we went to the shop and with our £5 most of us brought souvenirs. Lastly, we went back to school on the coach.

All of Year 6 would like to say a big thank you to Mr Ashton, Mrs Osborne and Mike for taking us on this amazing trip.

By Emily K (Form 6)

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