☰ Form 6 visit the RAF Museum

Form 6 visit the RAF Museum

Posted on: March 31st 2022

Form 6 visit the RAF Museum

On Monday the 21st of March, Year 6 went to the RAF Museum. We have been learning about WW2 in History lessons and we were going there to do some research. 

Our first activity was an air raid precaution workshop. We got to hold objects such as gas mask, blackout sheets  and even incendiary bombs. Towards the end of the workshop a siren sounded. We were told to get up and go to the nearest air raid shelter. Jumping up we all followed the sign and ducked into the shelter. There was sounds of bombs all around us. It was incredibly realistic.

Next we walked  down to the uniform section. We all got to try actual RAF jackets. It was incredible. There were all sorts of different stripes on them and various types of wings sewn onto the jackets.

For the rest of the trip we looked at all the planes in the hangar. There were some massive planes and we were amazed by all the pilots' adventures in the Battle of Britain. 

Overall it was a great day, full of fun activities. 

Form 6

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