☰ Form 6 visit the RAF Museum

Form 6 visit the RAF Museum

Posted on: May 4th 2018

Form 6 visit the RAF Museum

To support their learning in History, Year 6 recently enjoyed a trip to the RAF Museum. Read reports from Caitlin and Sohan, about their visit.

The RAF Museum
By Caitlin A

To support our studies in our recent history topic, Year 6 went to the RAF museum and had an amazing time. First we went into a little room that was set out like a school in WW1 and did some roleplay about what schools had to do to keep safe in wartime.

In that room we also learned about bombs and gas masks.

Out of nowhere, we heard a siren and had to rush out of the room into a cramped air raid shelter. The person that was showing us around told us that sometimes the children could have been in there for up to four hours! But we were only in there for around five minutes.

After that we walked to an area in the museum which had a big cupboard. In the cupboard were many real soldier jackets. There were symbols on the arms of the jackets which represented your job. One wing meant that you worked on an airplane, two wings meant you were a pilot and the fist symbol meant that you were a female. In the centre of the wing badge there was a letter that stood for what work you did on the plane.

Following that we all tried on the uniform. We took them off then got into groups of four and walked around, looking at all of the planes. We each had to remember a fact, for example: There was a boat that could fly, pigeons were used as messengers and that there were around 70 different types of WW1 planes. After that we ate lunch and played around with the RAF inventions.  Following lunch we went into a WW2 exhibit. This was a lot of fun because Mr Ashton walked us round the exhibit and talked about all of the planes and inventions. Last but not least we went to the gift shop and bought a range of items from sweets to souvenirs. Overall this was a fantastic school trip that I'm pretty sure everyone enjoyed. I would highly recommend going there if you haven't been already.   

Our Year 6 trip to the RAF Museum
By Sohan D

In Year 6 we went on a trip to the RAF museum on Friday 27th April and we studied the types of planes there were over the World Wars. Here are some of the facts we found out about certain planes:


Bristol Bomber:

Lightning F6:

Lancaster Bomber:

We also learned about World War shelters such as the Anderson shelters and we went in one and saw what it was like. We also found out that if they needed the toilet they used to do their business in a pot.

We went to see at least 50 planes and it was so cool. We worked in groups and we were told to find the different planes there were and we watched videos on how they worked. We saw and stood under where the bombs were dropped from the planes.

View photos of the trip.

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