☰ Form 6 Visit to the Houses of Parliament

Form 6 Visit to the Houses of Parliament

Posted on: May 18th 2012

By Molly, Year 6When we got there we saw the Changing of the Guard at Whitehall.  Some guards had red jackets and others had navy blue. They trotted into a ring on black horses in straight lines and shouted instructions to each other. It took a long time for every guard to swap around.

We walked to the Houses of Parliament and toured the Palace of Westminster.  It was a very grand inside and looked a lot like a church.  Built into the walls were statues of kings and queens who used to live there, hence the name.

In the House of Commons there were green seats which we weren’t allowed to sit on as only MPs can sit there.  There were red stripes on the floor which were interesting because our guide told us a myth that the lines were exactly two sword lengths away from each other so the opposing sides could not fight each other.

My favourite part was when we made our own law. We pretended we were Lords in the House of Lords and MPs in the House of Commons. The law did not go ahead in the end but we had a big debate about it.

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