☰ Form of the Week: Form 2

Form of the Week: Form 2

Posted on: March 28th 2014

What a busy term Form 2 has had! Find out what they have been learning in their lessons, watch a variety of videos and see photos from their recent activities:


In art, this term, pupils in Form 2 have been looking at the work of the environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy. They have used natural resources to create their our own art in the same style


Pupils in Form 2 have enjoyed completing maths investigations from the Cambridge University site nrich. Working collaboratively, they have applied the strategies learned this year, to solve problems and tackle open-ended investigations.


In geography, they have been personalising their learning. Pupils thought carefully about questions that they would like to research about one European country.

Watch a video below to see what they have found out:


This term, Form 2 has been continuing to investigate changing materials. Following on from their work on the Antarctic, they have been able to use what they have already learned about material changes to plan a material changes party where they have had to investigate such things as ‘how will we keep a cold drink cold when it is out in the sunshine?’ and ‘what changes happen when we make jelly?’. They are learning to take a scientific approach to their investigations and are developing their ability to consider fair tests, writing up results and making conclusions from what they have observed.

As part of their work on changing materials, the children investigated how quickly they could make an ice cube melt using only their hands. They made predictions and justified their decisions using scientific language. After their experiment they considered why things happened the way they did and how they might melt the ice cube faster next time.

For their investigation into jelly, Form 2 first used their observational skills to describe the changes they saw when jelly is made. They discussed dissolving and melting and made prediction on how it would change once it cooled down in the fridge.

See photos from their ice cube melt race and jelly making investigations:

English: Spring Poems

In English lessons this term, Form 2 has been observing the changing seasons and improving their descriptive language by writing poems about Springtime. They explored different forms of poetry, including haikus and free verse, and focussed on using similes and imaginative imagery to create really effective poems.

Watch a video of some children reading out their poems:

How to Care for a Pet

Form 2 has been learning about information texts and they made their own booklets on how to care for a pet. On Wednesday we had a very special visitor for a sleepover!

One of our pupils kindly brought in her pet hamster, Munchkin.

Watch the video where she explains how to care for her pet:

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