☰ Form of the Week: Form 2 Learn About the Romans

Form of the Week: Form 2 Learn About the Romans

Posted on: November 16th 2012

Form 2 have been learning about the Romans. To enrich their learning about the topic, they recently had a Roman Focus Day.

Read Kaiya and Lila’s accounts of the Roman Focus Day:

Form 2’s Roman Focus Day

By Kaiya (2H)Today in Form 2 we watched the story of Romulus and Remus. We also did some Roman numerals in our maths session and we had a philosophical discussion: 2H talked about ‘can girls be leaders?’ We made Roman brooches to wear.

Next we had a practise for a fight! We learnt all the Roman soldiers’ commands like ‘the wedge’ and the ‘tortoise’. In the afternoon, we had a Roman Feast. We also learnt about the story of Boudicca and had a really fun day. My favourite things were the feast and the fight!

Form 2’s Roman Focus Day

By Lila (2M)Today in Form 2 we had a lovely day. First we had Roman maths and we learned about Roman Numerals. Then we had philosophy and discussed Boudicca. Next was the fighting, I loved that bit!

We all got into groups and practised the Roman manoeuvre ‘the tortoise’. Then we learnt the story of Romulus and Remus. Now for the best part: THE FEAST!!! I loved it. It was amazing.

Continuing their Roman topic, Form 2 went to the Verulamium Museum this week. The museum is on the site of one of the major cities in Roman Britain, and gives an insight into everyday life in Roman Britain.

Daisy has shared her account of their to the Verulamium Museum:

Form 2’s Trip to Verulamium

By DaisyFirst, when we got there, a lady showed us where to hang our coats, blazers and lunches. After that we started off looking at real Roman mosaics. They looked really colourful and had lots of patterns on them. Next , we saw some statues of Roman people. One statue was cutting wood and one statue was chopping food.

When we finished that, we saw some Roman spoons. I learnt that Romans didn’t have any forks. They only had knives and spoons. They also used their hands to eat!

After that we saw some Roman skeletons. We thought about whether they had been rich or poor Romans and looked for clues to help us work it out. Do you know how to tell if a Roman was rich or poor?Later on we had a special surprise! We got to touch real romans artefacts. The Roman teacher was called Nicki and she helped us to think about what the Roman things were used for.

Nicki chose some volunteers and these people got to dress up as rich Romans and Celts. We thought about what life was like in Roman times.

It was a great day!

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