☰ Form of the Week: Form 2

Form of the Week: Form 2

Posted on: March 9th 2012

Form 2 had a DT day on Tuesday which was very exciting! They planned and made their very own pulleys.

Here are some of the children’s reflections about their exciting day:

Anna Herbert

March 6th was a very fun and enjoyable day because it was form 2’s DT day and we had been looking forward to it for ages. We got to make a pulley which we had already planned. We got things from the art room and brought in materials from home. We learned a lot of tips too about how to structure our pulleys. Thank you to our teachers who organised the day.

Olivia Forrest

We all made brilliant pulleys. There were lots of different designs, like swings, a bus that had opening windows, a draw bridge, a fishing rod and even a crane! We used string, tech card, split pins, dowelling, blue tack, glue and lots of other materials. We had to work really hard and listen really carefully because otherwise our pulleys may not have worked. The teachers helped us because some of us were struggling, but we worked it out in the end.

Charlotte Jackson

We used all types of materials like straw, tech card and pipe cleaners. Some people had to make their pulleys more stable and some had to make sure they were attached properly. It was a brilliant day!

Elliot Forrest

On the 6th March, we had a DT day. We made some amazing pulley models with lots of bright colours to make them stand out. All the children planned their models and decided what they needed. Some children made fishing rods, some made castles and some made wells. We used objects from home and school to make our models and we were busy making them all day! Miss Bennett and Mrs Holt helped us during the sessions and at the end of the day we checked our pulleys to make sure they worked.

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