☰ Form of the Week: Form 3 Re-enact Myths and Legends

Form of the Week: Form 3 Re-enact Myths and Legends

Posted on: January 28th 2013

Form 3 has been studying ‘Myths and Legends’ in their English lessons and they have used a wide range of myths, including Dreamtime stories from Australia and Greek legends such as Perseus and Medusa, to identify some common features, such as heroes, villains, quests and mythical creatures.

The children re-enacted scenes from the well-known myth, ‘Theseus and the Minotaur’, which was great fun!  Watch the videos below:  The pupils have also created many exciting pieces of writing and have been trying hard to improve their creative writing using VCOP:

As you will see from the examples of their work, they have done an amazing job.  Their diary entries and mythical beast profiles are full of exciting, powerful descriptions:

My Mythical Beast - By Ewan
My Mythical Beast - By Toby
  Form 3 are thoroughly enjoying their English work and can’t wait to begin writing their very own legends!

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