☰ Form of the Week: Form 5 & 6 Visit France

Form of the Week: Form 5 & 6 Visit France

Posted on: June 20th 2014

Forms 5 & 6’s four-day residential trip to France on 3 June was very successful. The children were able to get a good feel of French culture through the wonderful mixture of language, cultural, educational and fun activities. The food at the Kyriad hotel was excellent and the children enjoyed their picnics and dinners. Everyone had a fantastic time and came back full of excitement of the week’s activities.

During their stay in France, pupils had the opportunity to visit a French primary school and practise their French language skills with children of their own age. At the bee and honey farm our pupils had the chance to discover many aspects of the life of a bee. They made their own wax candles, which they could take home along with a pot of honey. The visit to a typical French supermarket was a fantastic way to practise their French, but also to see the variety of food available. At the World War II Museum at Ambleteuse, pupils saw many interesting displays and artefacts from World War II. What made it more special was the fact that it was the 70 year anniversary of the D-Day landings whilst we were there.

We had great fun at the sweet shop and at the beach. Pupils followed instructions in French to make bread and learned about traditional wheat plaiting. The visit to the Etaples Military Cemetery was very informative and particularly important marking the centenary of the Great War.

We were especially pleased with how well the pupils behaved. I would like to say thank you to Miss Habgood for her help and support prior and during the trip. Many thanks also to Miss Williamson for dealing with the medication and to Mr Ashton for keeping the children busy with games during the evening!

Mrs M. Agathangelou

See photos from Forms 5 & 6’s French residential: Below are some quotes from our children:‘My favourite part was when we visited a local primary school. There, we met our pen pal and we both had to fill in a worksheet. After that, the Norfolk House Year 6 pupils performed short plays in French. The pupils from the French school also sang a song in English. Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye, but before that, the girls played a game of dodge ball, while the boys played football. Norfolk House won 8-7!’ Charlotte‘We went to the sweet shop and learnt how they make sweets. They do it by boiling sugar and the man told us that people in movies use sugar, pretending to break glass! We got to buy some sweets as well.’ Tate‘We went to the beach. It was windy but we didn’t mind. There was a sand sculpture competition. Eloise and I made a sand person. My favourite sculpture was Byron’s turtle.’ Tilika‘It was fun when we went to the market, we were split into groups and each of us had to fill out a questionnaire on a sheet. We had to tell what type of cheeses, fruits and vegetables we could see and how much they cost. Then we had fifteen minutes to buy what we wanted, all of us bought sweets.’ Aaron‘After we asked questions to the children at the French school, we went outside and had a BRILLIANT football game. I scored an unexpected goal which made the score 5-4. Then some other people from our school scored some more goals and then we WON! The school kindly provided us with refreshments and cakes which were very tasty.’ William‘I also liked the snail farm; we learned interesting facts about snails. Before we left we tasted snails on a piece of bread and snails with garlic butter. They tasted really nice even though everybody thought they were going to taste horrible.’ Sonny‘We firstly made a candle by pouring hot wax in a mould with a piece of string in it. Whilst it was cooling down, we saw the museum and the guide taught us lots of facts about the life of a bee. Then we went outside to see the bee hives.’ Jacob‘The hotel was 3 stars but it seemed more like 5 stars, but anyway, I didn’t care much about the star rating. The food at the hotel was amazing and I mean amazing. The activities were well chosen I think. My favourite was the market and the supermarket, because you could go out and spend your money - and of course have fun.’ Eloise‘When we visited France, I really enjoyed the sweet shop as it was a new experience. The most interesting fact was when someone jumps out of a window in movies the breaking glass is actually sugar! I really liked shaping my own lollipop. When we visited the beach, I helped make a snail out of sand, Laura and I made a fish. It was fun. I shared a very comfy room with Annabel. Our meals were delicious. I really enjoyed the French trip.’ Jasmine‘Jasmine and I were fascinated when we learnt how to make apple juice. I really liked the French trip. We went to a graveyard from World War I and saw lots of graves. It was sad and amazing that these people fought for our freedom.’ Poppy‘We visited a cemetery as a tribute to D-Day which was on the Friday we left France. We wandered around, looking at the graves and reading what the people buried there did. It was a military cemetery and was very beautiful.’ Maddy‘In the afternoon we arrived at the apple juice farm. We learnt how apple juice was traditionally made. When we first entered the hotel, tension was building; we were just about to find out who we were sharing a room with, I was with Kieran.’ Byron‘During the French trip we visited l’Ecole Sainte Marie. We met the children we had been writing to. Everybody was super excited to meet their pen pals. We hurried into their classroom where we finally got to meet our pen pals. We got to know each other by filling out an activity sheet. Next, we performed our plays about directions and they performed a song in English. We went outside for a play and a snack. Various games went on from football which ended 7-8 for England, Frisbee, French dodge ball and catch. All in all, it was a great trip and everyone gained a lot from meeting their French friends and speaking French with them!’ Annabel‘We travelled through the Eurotunnel on a coach to Etaples. The trip was really fun. My favourite activity was our visit to a traditional sweet shop in Berck. It is one of the few traditional shops left in France. The smell was overwhelming inside, all the different coloured bonbons (sweets) on the wall. The kitchen was in full view, and a man was heating up sucre (sugar) in a pan. When it had turned into liquid, the sweet-maker poured it in a cold marble surface. He then added citron (lemon) flavouring and shaped it into a square. It cooled down quickly. The man then hung it on a hook like stand, where it stretched quickly, then folded it, and it stretched again and again. It soon became transparent, like glass. Did you know, in special effects scenes in action movies, when a glass smashes or someone breaks a window, it is sugar they have used? We then received a warm sucette (lollipop) to mould into a shape we liked. It was delicious. Afterward, we browsed the shop, and purchased our own stick treats!’ Laura

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