☰ Form of the Week - Form 6

Form of the Week - Form 6

Posted on: October 2nd 2015

Battle Of Somme
·    Started in 1916
·    It lasted from  July 1st – November 18th 1916
·     The German Empire were fighting against the British Empire at the Somme
·     There were 794,238 British casualties and 537,918 of German casualties
·     A tank was used for the first time in warfare
By Leela, Ewan and Eleanor 

                                                        Conditions for Women in WW1
Women started to work when men went to war.
Lots of women went to factories to make weapons for the men to fight with.
Factories became the largest single employer of women in 1918.
Older sisters stayed at home to look after their siblings while the parents went to work or fight.
The introduction of conscription in 1916 made the need for women workers urgent.
By Beth, Oliver, Marissa And Olivia 

Conditions in the Trenches
·       On the front line the British soldiers had little time to sleep.
·       Many soldiers spent a lot of time standing in cold water and this caused the Trench Foot. Their feet would go numb and in worst cases, it would have to be removed.
·       There were many dead bodies buried nearby and toilets sometimes overflowed.
·       Days were long and since night was when an enemy would attack so soldiers rested during the day.
·       Compared to the German trenches which had much better conditions, the British ones were terrible.
By Jack and Bruno

-Germany quickly attacked France hoping to conquer France in the east before they had to fight the Russian army in the east.
-The German leaders felt they were being surrounded by enemies
-Germany declared war on France and invaded Belgium . Then Britain declared war on Germany and WWI began
- 12 million letters were delivered to the front every week
By Alice Demeritt
Weapons in WW1
Gas shells
First used in Ypres by Germans
Only avoided by gas masks
At first no one knew how to stop the gas shells
Machine guns
Put on tripods
All fired around 600 rounds per minute
Used by Germany, Britain, Italy and France
Faced problems firing because it accidently hit propeller
Were very powerful
Used to scare Germans
Only used by allies

By Anna, Pip and Ben

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