☰ Form of the Week: Form 6's Busy Start

Form of the Week: Form 6's Busy Start

Posted on: October 12th 2012

Time has flown since the start of term  and Form 6 have settled in well and are rising to the challenges placed before them.

In history, Form 6 are currently studying ‘The Inter-War Years’, looking at the key events that took place during 1918 and 1939. The period was one of great change in social, economic, political and work patterns.

The children have enjoyed researching topics such as the Suffragette Movement, The Great Depression and the changes in entertainment which took place between the wars.  They have constructed a time line display which shows the key events and their positions on the time line and have each written a short report about their topic.

In maths the pupils understand the requirements of the curriculum at the top of the school.  They have been developing their usage of ‘use and application’ skills involving the four operations, their understanding of the properties of numbers as well as increasing their knowledge of the relationship between imperial and metric measurements.

Each Friday the class undertake a ‘use and application’ sheet linked to what they have been studying that week. This process has allowed the children to experience the types of questioning they will face in upcoming Maths exams. The pupils thoroughly enjoy writing their weekly Maths Diary which gives them an opportunity to reflect on what they have studied for that week.

In PSHE the class have shown enormous maturity as they have studied puberty and other body related topics. They have dealt with sensitive issues with a good level of responsibility by listening sensibly, asking intelligent questions and displaying an interest in order to understand how they change as they enter the teenage years.

Finally, as their form teacher I would like to thank the children in Form 6 for the warm welcome they have shown me in my first term at Norfolk House. It is a pleasure being their form teacher and one that fills me with pride.

Well done Form 6!

Mr. Ashton

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