☰ Form of the Week: Pre-Prep Get Creative

Form of the Week: Pre-Prep Get Creative

Posted on: February 8th 2013

This half term, Pre-Prep teachers have carefully linked subject areas together to be able to approach them in a more creative and personalised way.

Working on the topic of ‘Houses and Homes’, the children have looked at the history of houses and homes, which has provided opportunities to carry out creative activities. During art lessons, children designed a home of their choice and made a clay tile based on their designs. They have also had the chance to do some independent research from resources shared with them.

Pre-Prep have also taken a personalised approach within their English, Maths and ICT lessons. In English, Pre-Prep have recently been learning about Instructional Texts. The subject area offered many opportunities to work collaboratively and carry out practical activities, such as making squash and making a jam sandwich.

This element of instructions was carried through into their work on ‘Shapes’ in maths, where children had to follow instructions to construct 3D shapes using straws and blu-tak. It also extended into their ICT lessons where children had to follow instructions to move the Beebot from one point to another.

See some photos from Pre-Prep’s activities here:

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