☰ French Trip Updates: June 2014

French Trip Updates: June 2014

Posted on: June 3rd 2014

6th June 2014 Our last day! The children have been amazing.  We have now arrived at the local primary school, Ecole Saint-Marie.

5th June 2014 - 21:30

Finally, the weather improved today and meant a lot more chance to be outside in the fresh air. We visited a traditional sweet shop in Berck, saw sweets being made and made our own lollipops, then headed out to Clenleu to make our own bread and plait wheat. An outdoor picnic lunch and some running around was fun, whilst we waited for the bread to bake and finally, we headed off to the beach for a couple of hours of free play on the sand. Some very imaginative sand sculptures were created by the children, whilst the teachers got a chance to relax!

Lots of sand in between toes this evening and a struggle to get all the goodies purchased into suitcases, but all in all another lovely and happy day together!

Looking forward to visiting the local primary school and the World War II museum - very topical with the marking of the 70th Anniversary of D-Day tomorrow, and then homeward bound! We will contact class reps en route to give a realistic ETA to school, dependent on the traffic - they will update parents on our behalf.

4th June 2014 - 23:00

A very late update, with a few exciting photos of the day, including a visit to the bee museum. Despite the abysmal weather for most of the day, it didn't dampen the children's spirits, although all the fresh air meant for a relatively early and peaceful bedtime. The children also very much enjoyed reading their letters from the parents!


4th June 2014

Everyone slept well and had a hearty breakfast. After a very rainy trip to the Market in Berck, the children are now tasting the delights at the snail farm! Surprisingly, the snails have gone down a treat! More later...

3rd June 2014 - 9.20pm

After a visit to the apple farm and to the military cemetery in Etaples, we checked in and had a very civilised dinner. All ate well and then had a run around before bedtime. All settling now, ready for a busy day ahead tomorrow, starting with the market in Berck! More tomorrow!

3rd June 2014

All arrived safe and happy! On our way to the Apple Farm. More updates later.  Don't forget to follow us on Twitter too.

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