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Posted on: June 16th 2016

The recent four-day residential trip to France was another successful adventure. During our stay, the children were able to get a good grasp of French culture. The trip offered a mixture of language, cultural, educational and fun activities. Everyone had a fantastic time and came back refreshed with fond memories of the week’s activities.

During their stay in France, our pupils had the opportunity to visit a French Primary School to practise their language skills with children of their own age. At the ‘Bee and Honey’ farm, our pupils had the chance to discover the different aspects of bee life. They made their own wax candles, which they took home along with a pot of honey. The visit to a typical French market was a great opportunity to practise their French and see the variety of food available. 

At the 2nd World War Museum at Ambleteuse, pupils saw many interesting displays and artefacts from the Second World War. We continued the fun at the farm in Hesmond, milking and feeding the goats as well as making bread and cheese. The snail farm allowed the children (and the staff) to learn more about the life of a snail and then experience a tasting session. While sampling some delicious pain au chocolat at the local bakery, we learned about the methods and secrets of bread making.

The behaviour of the children was, as always, exemplary which made the visit so enjoyable and rewarding for both adults and children. I would like to say thank you to Miss Habgood for her help and support, to Mrs Holt for dealing with the medication and to Mr Ashton for keeping the children busy with games.
Mrs M.Agathangelou

Below are some quotes from our children:
       ...I liked the Goat farm as there were so many fun activities to do like making bread, milking and walking the goats...and I liked the market because there was so much to see...
By Ben Jeckel
..the thing on the French trip that stood out to me was la Boulangerie. I really enjoyed making the dough for croissants in the correct shape....
By Meaghan Lawrence
My favourite part of the French trip was the bee farm as I got to taste honey and do lots of fun activities like making a candle.
By Ewan Brocklesby
I really enjoyed going to the French trip and talking to the children in French and meeting my pen pal....
By Leela Hidier
...whilst I was in France my most enjoyable activity was the snail farm ... I didn’t know that all snails are born as boys! ...   
By Sophie Kirstein
My favourite activity was when we went to see our pen pals because we got to interact with them and make new friends. We also got to play a football match and the teams were England vs France and England won 6-01.It was one of the best days in our visit.
By Zac Carter
My visit to the Bee Museum
At first we went into the bee garden. It was fascinating seeing the inside of a bee hive as well as the place where bees retreat to in winter. Did you know bees have to be at a temperature over 30C or they’ll die? ....we went to make our own beeswax candle.....I found out a worker bee had to complete seven jobs through her 6 week life. Some of these included cleaning, keeping the hive warm and making Royal jelly for the queen bee.... we tasted three types of honey.
By Jessica Yam
On the French trip we did lots of things such as tasting snails, going to the supermarket, going to the beach and a World War II museum. We also went on a nature walk though dunes and we met our pen pals (which I loved)...My favourite part was the market...the food was brilliant at the place where we stayed. The rooms were cosy...France was amazing. I had a really great time.
By Amelia Frohlich

I had an absolutely brilliant time in France. It is difficult to pick my favourite activity because I enjoyed them all.....it would be the snail farm.... After the excitement of the snail race we then got to taste them.... we tasted delicious snail pate spread on warm toast, snails in garlic butter and snail shaped biscuits!
By Charlotte Parsons


...I know that all snails are born male and then turn to female so they can lay eggs and a snail can lay up to a hundred eggs and only fifty survive. Snails sleep in the day and are awake at night...
By Antonia Schewitz
My favourite activity in the French trip was going to the farm because we got to make cheese, make pain au chocolat and milked the cows...
By Saul Vale-Harris
One other activity I enjoyed was the walk where we learnt about different types of dunes. We learnt about four different dunes, the white dune, the shrub dune and black dune and the forest dune. The white dune is very sand, mostly sandy, the shrub dune had had patched sand. The black dune had lots of moss. The forest dune was the flattest dune and looked like a forest....I really enjoyed this activity it was one of my favourites...
By William Krohn

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