☰ Friends of Norfolk House 2011/12 report

Friends of Norfolk House 2011/12 report

Posted on: October 3rd 2012

Dear Parents and Teachers,Another year has passed and, with it, another busy year for Friends of Norfolk House (FONH). Thanks to you all for your enthusiasm and support without which the events would not be possible!

Here is a quick breakdown of activities FONH has been involved in:Events for the Children
  • Halloween Party covered its costs with a profit of £58
  • KS1 Xmas party books and snacks - £208
  • Easter Egg Hunt - £29 for the eggs
  • Summer Fayre – made a profit of over £1,100

The Summer Fayre was a fantastic success again, thanks to all of you who attended and spent plenty of money. An even bigger thank you to those parents who brought fantastic food!  Coelia Varney and Ava Chan helping out again and Amanda Holland for the wheat free burgers and sausages. Thanks to James and Kim Lau who manned the BBQ.  Thank you also to the teachers who looked after the tombola, Archie Archer for all that face painting and the Year 6 Beauty Spot stall.

Events for the Adults

The profit from the summer fayre and the auction from the Christmas Party meant we raised a total of £2,150 for the school’s charity LEAP.

Other activities which FONH also paid for are:

  • Reception Meet and Greet £276
  • Mr Malley’s leaving picture £58
  • Art Night refreshments £132
  • Christmas Carols refreshments £162
  • Christmas DVD £250
  • Contribution to World Book Day £370
  • KS2 Cinema trip £325
  • Flowers for Sile Millegan £45
  • Year 6 pizza lunch £148

Items for Norfolk House School
  • Bibs £79

Second Hand UniformThank you to Emma Osler for fantastic efforts with the regular school uniform sales which have raised an amazing £478 for FONH.

We are currently in the process of liaising with the school and pupils to decide how to spend this year’s surplus of £900 (We aim to always hold £3,000 in the account for future expenses).

Wishing all at Norfolk House School a happy and successful new school year.

Genny Priest (Co-Chair)Kirsty Dye (Co-Chair)Gillian Forrest (Treasurer) 

Committee members from September 2012

Kirsty Dye  


Genny Priest


Gillian Forrest  


Emma Osler  

    Second Hand Uniform Co-ordinator

Rachel Murray

Lost Property Co-ordinator

Ava Chan


Jennifer Schill  

MemberWe are always looking for new committee members. If you would like to join the committee or could help by volunteering at events, please let us know through your class rep.

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