☰ From the Writers’ Corner: Form 2’s ‘Gruffalo’ Character Descriptions

From the Writers’ Corner: Form 2’s ‘Gruffalo’ Character Descriptions

Posted on: November 30th 2012

Form 2 have been studying a number of books by the author Julia Donaldson. When working on The Gruffalo, they carefully considered  the main characters and wrote  character descriptions of them. Their learning objectives were to  include ambitious vocabulary, similes and use connectives to extend our sentences.

Read some of Form 2’s fantastic character descriptions below:

A character description of the Mouse

By KaiyaHave you seen the mouse? He is a creepy shape a little like a volcano that looks as if it isabout to explode. His claws which are as sharp as daggers, gleam in the moonlight and are razor sharp. The mouse looks like he will gobble you up and devour you in one gulp because  his teeth glisten in the sun. His eyes are fiery and as rotund as tennis balls and his tummy is an oval shape like a cracked open head. As he crouches, it looks as if he will jump and pounce up at your face and squidge your brain up. When you are compassionate to him, he is kind to you but he is really horrifying, frightful and terrifying. He runs as fast as lightning and the wind cannot push him over.


A character description of the Snake

By JayminThe snake’s voice is as dry as death. He is sleek , sly and cunning. He devours his food and seeds and slithers in the snow to keep his self-hidden. His teeth can pierce any armour. The long, slender snake who has poisonous breath, can make you swell  up. He stares at you curiously as if you are an alien. His lips are old, crusty and crumbly. He sheds his skin to become even more powerful. He has ninety nine sets of teeth so if you knock a pair out, they will just grow again.


A character description of the Gruffalo

By FelixHe has a dark black tongue. He has bright teeth and they scare people away. He has a fat belly which scares people away. He is as greedy as a pig because he eats delicious chunks of meat.


A character description of the Gruffalo

By CharlotteHe has horrendous purple prickles and a repulsive black tongue (that will probably make you faint.) He has fearsome piercing orange eyes. He has ferocious gleaming white teeth. He has a gruesome emerald wart (which is poisonous) on the end of his nose. He is as sly as a fox.

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