☰ From the Writers’ Corner: Form 4 Create Their Own Play Scripts

From the Writers’ Corner: Form 4 Create Their Own Play Scripts

Posted on: January 28th 2013

Form 4 have been planning and drafting their very own play scripts and have used Roald Dahl’s ‘The Twits’ as inspiration.  They have now acted out and filmed  their plays.

Read an extract from Finley’s script:

The Marble Trick

(Mr and Mrs Twit enter stage grumpily. Mr Twit enters right, and Mrs Twit enters left.)

Mrs Twit:

(Stamping on the floor and folding arms.) I’m sick and tired of you playing nasty tricks on me.

Mr Twit:

(Pointing at Mrs Twit.) Well I’M fed up of YOU playing nasty tricks on me!

(Exit stage the same way as entered.)


But Mr Twit had lied. So all through the night in his dreams  he thought of a nasty trick, again, for the fifth time. His plan was so masterful , not even the oracle could have thought of it. He decided to swap Mrs Twit’s glass eye for a bright yellow marble.

(Mr Twit grins ghoulishly.)


Mrs Twit always took her glass eye out and put it on her bedside table before bed.

(Mr Twit exchanges the glass eye for a yellow marble and creeps off stage with his finger on his lips. Mrs Twit gets out of bed and puts the marble into her eye and walks off stage, with her back bent. Scene changes to kitchen.)(Enter Mrs Twit on stage, Mr Twit sits at a breakfast table.) 

Mr Twit: 

Are you coming dear?

Mrs Twit:

(Tiredly) Yes, yes I am!

(Crashing and banging noises…..)

Mrs Twit:


Form 4 enjoyed acting out their play scripts.  Watch some of their performances, below:

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