☰ From the Writers' Corner: Form 5's Scary Stories

From the Writers' Corner: Form 5's Scary Stories

Posted on: May 17th 2012

Form 5 have been looking closely at scary pieces of writing and those that build suspense and tension for the reader.

The children identified what made these texts successful and created a ‘Suspense Writing Toolkit’, which they referred to when writing their own descriptive pieces.

If you’re feeling brave, read some of Form 5’s scary stories below.

Ray crept forward, careful not to make a sound. Creeeaakk. He slowly pushed open the shattered door and furtively made his way into the main room. His heart froze with cold blooded horror as his silhouette ran off and entered the opposite room. It’s all right, it’s all right. Ray calmed himself down. There’s no one in there. He tripped. A rotting plank gave way as Ray stumbled. He noticed that oozing out of some pipes that led to the reservoir was some ugly, pale yellow glue. He touched it and quickly recoiled as it clung onto his fingertips. He knew that if he didn’t move soon then he would drown in the glue and get trapped. He only had one instinct. Run. He darted towards the other door but glue started pouring out there as well. He started to run round in circles blindly. He was trapped!

SanjayCreeping along the dusty floor the sound shook her brain once more. May bit back a scream as the floor rippled with fear. A window smashed beside her and she briefly noticed a long tongue curl round a piece of glass and lick it up. This time the scream wouldn’t stay down though and the air was filled with a sound of fear.

ArchieRay crept forward careful not to make a sound. He looked around and saw an old chewed up sofa with red stains on it. Water then splashed on his head, it wiped off all the courage he had left. Only the sound of wind crying could be heard. Ray closed his eyes hoping that when he would open them, he would be back in his house, but this didn’t happen. Ray gently opened his eyes, He regretted doing this already as his throat was unlocked and he hurled out a scream.

DaisyThe old warehouse had changed completely. Instead of clean, wooden floors there were coats and coats of dust. Machines and windows were now layered in grime the colour of a sickly green. The tattered old cloths that used to cover the new machines were now dusty sheets with holes in them.  Many a day, Ray would spend playing in this building. But then something happened. He heard a scuttle. Then a sound like a snake slithering along the ground. Ray looked around, seeing nothing. His scalp crawling, he started to move towards the peeling door. In a flash, a tentacle wrapped itself around the handle. It was the colour of dried up mud.  Run. Ray stifled back a scream and started to move. But as he was running he fell to the ground, knowing that soon enough the creature would steal his soul.

LeonaRay crept forward, careful not to make a sound.  Were they gone? Was he safe?  His heart pounded and his head was spinning.  “Calm down, calm down, you’re safe now.”  Once he felt less agitated, Ray decided to explore his pitch-black surroundings.  He could just about make out some broken furniture littering the floor, almost drowned by the cobwebs which he seemed to feel everywhere.  A picture could just be seen at the far side of the room, although whatever it displayed was a complete mystery in the total darkness.  “Scuttle, scuttle, scuttle.”  The sound echoed around the room, causing Ray to whip around.  The shadowy outline of a shape scampered past.  The air was thick with dust and Ray could only just see countless spindly legs and the twitching of glistening eyes… Ishmael

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