☰ From the Writers’ Corner: Pre-Prep

From the Writers’ Corner: Pre-Prep

Posted on: May 31st 2012

Pre-Prep have been looking at fantasy stories and have written their own fantasy stories in the same style.

Read their stories below:

The Magic Door

By LilaOne sunny day a little girl called Rosiena was taking her dog Milly for a walk. But just then, “Ouch!” Rosiena tumbled into a dusty old door. As she fell through it she opened her eyes and, “Help!”“Oh dear!” Rosiena cried, “Somebody needs help.” So she got up and ran straight into this strange world. Suddenly she stopped and thought…Now she hadn’t thought about this, Where was she? Then she realised she was in fairy tale world. Wow!Just then a fairy appeared right next to her (a fairy called Shelly). She was beautiful, as pretty as a princess. (Well she was a princess, a fairy princess) Rosiena gasped with delight as the fairy lifted her high in the air and wings appeared on her back! Now Rosiena loved Shelly and by evening she had taken her home and gone back to sleep.That night she dreamt of fighting a witch and when she woke up she found out that it was all a dream. The end!

The Magic Door

By KaiyaOne day when the sun was glowing brightly Lily was sitting in a castle. Suddenly Lily saw a colourful door. The door had glittery bright yellow stars on it. Just after that she was absolutely shocked. She found herself sitting on a wooden bench. She was very happy to see a beautiful garden filled with flowers. There was no grey and no black at all.Suddenly she saw a bunny hoping by. Lily asked, “Can I have a ride?” So the bunny took her up. Lily asked, “Are you a magic bunny?” but got no reply.They went all the way up onto a thin tree branch and fell off into a hole. Luckily they found a silver ladder to get back up. After that they saw a magic horse. They asked, “Can I have a ride?” So they both jumped onto the horse’s back and galloped along until they got to a lovely field. They could just see a little castle in the distance. They both asked the horse if it could gallop all the way but bunny said he would hop behind. Lily said, “I think I might recognise that castle.” When they got closer they remembered that the castle was not the one Lily had thought it was. But the bunny got lost because he was too slow. He was worried then he sat down by a tree and started to cry.Just then Lily heard a shouting voice. Someone had fallen into a river. She got up and rushed towards the river with her bag. She hooked them to the handle. At last they were safe but they were soaking. Then they saw a fire behind them and they had an idea. How about we jump over the fire? But what if we get burnt? I know, Let’s just put up a tent so they did that. They stayed on the other side for the rest of their life. But they did find another way to the castle.

The Magic Door 

By MillieOne snowy day Elvis was skiing. He was very good at it. Elvis was well behaved and he loved to ski. His mum and dad thought Elvis was amazing at skiing. Elvis was very proud of himself. When he was skiing he had to wear thick gloves and very warm tops and skis.Every day Elvis went on the mountain to ski. Then one day it was his birthday. His mum and dad said “Happy birthday!” very loudly. Elvis had a birthday party and his friends were coming to the party. Their names were Jack, Sam, Simon and Paul. They loved to ski as well.Next they went to ski down the hill. Suddenly they saw some talking animals. Elvis said, “Hello I am Elvis and I love to ski. We will show you.” But then Elvis fell down a hole. Elvis was not scared. He opened a white snowy door. There was a land and it was full of gold. Elvis said, “Wow!”Just then a magic bunny came to see Elvis. The magic bunny was sad. Elvis said,” Why are you sad?”“I am sad because Sid is stealing the gold.” But Elvis stopped Sid from stealing the gold. Elvis put some gold in his pocket but then a big giant came and he said, “I want that gold.” But Elvis said, you cannot have that gold. Elvis said, “Why don’t you both be friends. They said, “That is such a good idea.” So they were friends forever! Elvis went back through the door and he saw his friends and he was happy!

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