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From the Writer's Corner

Posted on: January 26th 2012

The Unexpected Gift

It was Christmas day but no sparks flew in the sad orphanage. And one boy who was particularly upset was Ashley. It was precisely one year since his parents had abandoned him. Anger, pain and frustration attacked his inner soul. How could they do this? Why? So many questions yet none of them were going to be answered.

He pushed his way to the back door exploring the outside world. Ashley saw happy families having a great time, something he used to do.

It was a bright snowy day but inside darkness loomed over him. As the whole experience from last year fell on him like bricks, he seemed to realise what his parents had actually done to him. Ashley had no friends, no family, and it didn’t seem like a proper life.

He prodded onto the rock hard pavement; his clothing was a typical teenager except Ashley’s darkness had reasons. It was to try and block his inner souls.

Why had this happen to him? Why did he deserve this? He headed back home, well if you could call it that. The crackling breeze whispered through the trees as if trying to give a message, but Ashley proceeded with his long black wavy hair tugging behind him.

As Ashley went through the gates, he panted, leave happiness for other people, just like it left him.

Then a huge figure caught his attention,

“Ashley a gift has arrived for you," said the fiery man.

Ashley thought he was joking but reluctantly received the parcel.  The confused boy opened the fragile bindings to read the card. It said:

“Dear Ashley,

I’m sorry about your parents but is I, who is in fact your uncle. We haven’t seen each other yet but I am hoping to adopt you.”

A glitter of amazement shone through his eyes as he opened the beautifully wrapped parcel with pride and joy. It was a teddy bear.  It wasn’t much, but was enough for Ashley; he would treasure it with all his heart.

As he placed it on his lap he thought that even despite his parents’ terrible deed there was still hope for Ashley Jarvis.

Joe Geller (Form 6)

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