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Geography Focus Week

Posted on: March 18th 2013

by Kieran (Form 5E)At Geography Focus Week, the theme was the “Environment” and Form 5 looked at Saving Energy. In our group for Geography Week we did Dragon’s Den and made 3D models to show what energy they used in that century. My favourite was Dragon’s Den because we did drama and our names had the surname of a dragon, for example, “Matthew Jones”.

As a whole class in Form 5 we did a picture and some writing of water conservation and to save water you should have short showers. We also made leaflets for saving energy and a way to save energy is by turning all the electrics off when you leave a room.

When I went to the Parent Event I enjoyed looking at Form 3’s carbon footprint made of clay and completing their quiz. I also enjoyed looking at the work of other groups in our year, such as the models of our school in the future.

I started from the top of the school and when I went into Reception I enjoyed making a cress sandwich because Reception grew cress in pots with eyes on the pots. My favourite activity was the pneumatics and hydraulics because I liked seeing the toys moving without electricity and using air or water instead.

View photos from the Geography Focus Event here:

Watch videos of the pupils' debate about the new Heathrow terminal below:

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