☰ Harvest Festival Choir and Ensemble Performances

Harvest Festival Choir and Ensemble Performances

Posted on: November 19th 2021

Harvest Festival Choir and Ensemble Performances

This year’s Harvest festival took a different turn- due to Covid concerns we turned to sharing our work with parents either live online or through recordings.

Our young musicians’ resilience was once again impressive; they didn’t let the change in circumstances hamper their desire to perform to the best of their ability, and we are delighted to be able to share with you the final three performances today.

First is Senior Choir with their joyful and dedicated performance of the Harvest Samba, with some searing harmonies at the end.

Then we have a lovely joint choir performance from the Junior and Senior choirs with the song “Thank You All for the Harvest”, in which they express their gratitude for all the goodness around them.

Then there is the Senior Ensemble, featuring the camera skills of our student Head of Music Mikail Wahid. The ensemble had only rehearsed twice together before this recording; I am so excited by what the future holds for them as they have exceptional potential and give up their lunchtime break with so much good humour, they are a joy to work with

We missed some members of the choir who were absent and have had to pause the groups while some year groups are put into bubbles. So these recordings become even more special as they are a token to treasure of new beginnings and a reminder that we will soon perform together again.




Sara Regan

Head of Music

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