☰ Head Boy and Head Girl Blog and Form 6 Responsibilities

Head Boy and Head Girl Blog and Form 6 Responsibilities

Posted on: September 20th 2019

Head Boy and Head Girl Blog and Form 6 Responsibilities

 Form 6 Roles and Responsibilities

Each year, the Form 6 children have the opportunity to take on a range of responsibilities within the school and each year these roles evolve and become more important. The purpose of these roles within school are very important, as they are not only a fantastic support for the school, but also help the children to become more resilient and realise that they play a bigger part in society. Developing their role and carrying out their responsibilities help them to gain a better understanding of responsibility and leadership, attributes that will help them to navigate the changes from primary to secondary school and develop their independence. 

Below the children have outlined what their role in school is and the responsibilities involved.

Head Boy/Head Girl - Max and Emily

We are very proud to have been chosen as Head Boy and Head Girl. We have a range of responsibilities throughout the school, from performing speeches and writing blogs to supporting the staff and FoNH with events. We want all the children to see us as approachable and feel that they can come and talk to us if they have a problem that they need to talk about. We will sit on school council and represent the children from the PA site, visiting them as regularly as possible to get their views. We look forward to the year ahead.

Lead Ambassadors - Sophie and Chris

Our role is to exemplify the core values and be good role models to the other ambassadors and children in school. We will be good representatives for the school, assisting with parent tours where appropriate and helping with events. In assemblies we will assist teachers in every way possible and help to inspire everyone to become the best they can be. We aim to help the pupils in becoming more open and responsible (and generally amazing).

Ambassadors - Milo, Sasha, Zoe, Jacob, Harry C, Sid, Bibi, Will, Ayda and Lola T

It means a lot to us, to have been chosen as Norfolk house Ambassadors and represent our school. We are looking forward to helping with everything and are proud and determined to do our best. Our role is a new role in school and may evolve as the year goes on, but some of our responsibilities will be: assisting leadership in presenting assemblies on key areas of the SDP, demonstrate and implement the core values - encouraging others to do the same, become more actively involved in assisting the FoNH and staff in leading events, become inspirational leaders for the younger children and help in developing inclusive playtimes across the school.

Head of Drama - Theo

My name is Theo and I really enjoy acting. I am so happy to have the responsibility of Head of Drama as I want to express my passion for drama across the school and do my best to make drama fun and exciting. I will work with teachers to develop drama within the classroom. Drama is not just fun but it helps you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. This year I will assist staff with the production and will aim to help children develop a resilient attitude when auditioning. 

Head of Music - Maya

I really enjoy music and I hope to help others to develop a love of music this year. I will be working alongside Miss Marshall to assist with the preparation of musical events and organisation. I wish to inspire children to play an instrument and help Norfolk house to grow in its musical quality. I look forward to trying my hardest in performing my role.

Head of IT - Sam and Harry T

We are pleased to have the role as Head of IT. It is our job to demonstrate the core values whilst handling technology and encourage the safe use of equipment. We are hoping to achieve great things this year as we are working closely with Miss Camlin to help promote good use of IT throughout the school.

Head of Sport - Ella and Akash

We are proud to have been selected as heads of sport. We believe it is important that we display the core values both on and off the pitch. Besides representing our school in sporting activities, we will support the children in the playground and ensure things are fair and teams are organised well. We will assist Mr Charman in leading assemblies where appropriate and choosing children to be celebrated as well as attend school council meetings if required. 

Head of Library Shun and Cristina

As heads of library, we want to encourage the children at Norfolk House to develop a love of reading and encourage children to try new genres. Some of our responsibilities will involve; assisting Mrs Osborne and Miss Pakkos with developing the library, leading assemblies to encourage reading, assist with the organisation of World Book Day and generally helping to make the library a more engaging place that children will love to visit. 

Heads of House - Lola M, Oskar and Aran

We look forward to working with the school as Heads of house. We aim to encourage our houses and have fun doing it. This year we will be helping to develop the house system further by organising house activities during playtimes. We will positively support our house and encourage good sportsmanship and behaviour.  



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