☰ Heroes and Villains’ World Book Day- Thursday 2nd March 2017

Heroes and Villains’ World Book Day- Thursday 2nd March 2017

Posted on: March 13th 2017

Last week at Norfolk House and Montessori House, we celebrated the 20th World Book Day and what a wonderful few days we had! On the big day itself, both the children and teachers thoroughly enjoyed dressing up as their favourite literary heroes and villains and there were assemblies and parades held on both sites so the brilliant costumes could be admired by all. In addition, dozens of excited children followed the fiendish Book Quiz Trail around the Norfolk House building and Bumper Book Swaps were held in each department where all of the children were able to choose a different book to take home. The children also enjoyed celebratory visits to see their buddies and it was lovely to see the older pupils reading and drawing with our younger children and sharing their love of reading together.

This year we were also lucky enough to be visited by Stuart and Joby from Future Creative and they ran energetic and engaging Roald Dahl and David Walliams drama workshops for all of the children from Nursery up to Form 6. We also had a couple of very special visitors in some of our classrooms and it was such a treat to have parents come in to read to the classes and share books they love, books they’ve created and also share their expertise in the fields of illustration and poetry.

I would like to extend a huge and heartfelt thank you to everyone who helped to make our celebrations so magical and memorable for the children: to the incredibly enthusiastic teachers, dedicated parents who scoured eBay and second hand shops and stayed up til 1am creating costumes, visiting mums and dads, the Friends of Norfolk House who very kindly paid for the workshops and of course the children themselves for showing us just how much they love to read.

So on that note, I feel that the best people to review the multitude of World Book Day events are the children themselves so please read on to find out more!                                                

Mrs Osborne                                   

In the nursery we enjoyed a few different activities in celebration of World Book Day. On Tuesday, the illustrator, Sav Akyuz (one of our parents) came in to visit nursery and infant community. He read aloud from his book "I am bear" and some of the children were able to join in as they knew the book already.  Then he showed us how he drew the wonderful characters.  He left three lovely sketches with us.  All the children got an 'I Am Bear' sticker and later coloured in outlines of the main character.

On Thursday, the children came to school in a wonderful selection of costumes.  We had a visit from out Year 3 buddies who read to the children in groups and individually.  It was a great experience for all of us.  Later that morning we braved the cold weather for a costume parade with Reception and Year 1 in the playground.  Prizes were awarded for the best costumes.

We rounded off the week on Friday with a visit from Stuart from Future Creative, who took us on a wonderful imaginative journey into the world of Roald Dahl. They imagined having magic fingers, flying on the back of a roly-poly bird and crawling through James' giant peach.

Emma Howden

What a fantastic World Book Day we had in our school on Thursday 2nd March. Everybody in the whole school dressed up in a costume of a hero or a villain, even the teachers! In my class there was one Fantastic Mr. Fox, one Farmer Bunce and I was Farmer Bean. There were many other great and imaginative costumes.

We had a Roald Dahl workshop where we worked in pairs and made up words. We also wrote our own magic spells like in Room on the Broom by Julian Donaldson. Our class wrote a book review on this book, some of us rating it highly and some rating it less highly. I gave it three out of five stars as I thought the dragon could have been more scary and the setting could have been in a haunted castle where the characters meet a fierce dragon.  

We really enjoyed World Book Day. It was lots of fun.

By Sebastian Chesney Form 1DJ

On World Book Day, we went over to Montessori House to read to our Nursery buddies. Our buddies paid careful attention when we read our favourite stories to them. After saying goodbye, we headed back to Norfolk House.  After break we then came inside for an assembly with Form 2. We looked at everyone’s costumes and the judges had to make the hardest decision of their life... who was going to be awarded the best dressed in Form 3?

Congratulations to the Mad Hatter (Lola McNeice) and The Falcon (Jones Omotajo) for winning. It was now time for the book swap. I swapped Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney for a book about airplanes, because I love science! Later on in the day, we created our own bookmark and took part in a book-based scavenger hunt.  Finally, we had a green-faced witch read us Peter Picker from the book World’s Worst Children by David Walliams.

By Theodore Preston Form 3

At school I saw foxes, Harley Quinns, queens, Alex Riders and even the teachers were dressed up! Mr Smith as Stick Man, Mr A as Scrooge, Miss Ficken as a pirate and Mr Jowett as the Demon Headmaster. This was World Book Day all right! And I wasn’t Hope anymore...I was Daisy Wells, President of the Detective Society!

It was only a matter of time before we arrived at Montessori House to see our buddies. Alexa was dressed up as Harry Potter with a ‘scar’ and glasses and everything. We drew awesome heroes and then silly villains like crazy hair and underpants man. We said goodbye and began a series of fun events.

One of them was the book swap, which was great fun. We sauntered through classrooms looking for the perfect book and I eventually found a copy of Ratburger (by David Walliams) to take home. My mum (dressed as the Wicked Witch of the West) came in to read ‘The World’s Worst Children’ to us and my brother Will (Dennis the Menace) also came and interrupted several times!

Even though I didn’t win any prizes, I still loved World Book Day and adored being the feisty, stubborn character of Daisy Wells from ‘The Murder Most Unladylike’ series.

By Hope Arnold Form 5


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