☰ Ice Skating -by Sophie Page

Ice Skating -by Sophie Page

Posted on: May 4th 2012

I first went ice skating in pre-prep. It was brilliant fun. After the rink re-opened last year I have been skating every week. I have passed Skate UK levels 1-10 and am now working towards silver.

On the 22nd April I took part in my first competition at the Alexandra Palace Amateur Ice Skating Club. The competition was organised like the Olympics and World Championships. Groups of 6-11 skaters from each class were called on to the ice for a 2 minute warm-up. After that we were called on to the ice  individually to perform our routines alone on the ice in front of the crowd and the judges!

I was a little nervous before I started skating but as soon as I got onto the ice and started skating in my performance I felt I was doing it well. We had 1 minute to perform. The routine had to include a drag, bunny hops, a spiral and forwards crossovers. Someone threw a flower on to the ice for me at the end. I won a bronze medal!

Skating is a brilliant sport. It teaches you concentration and balance and controlled speed. Alexandra Palace is a great place to skate. I think that everyone who tries it will enjoy it. I hope that the children in Reception and Pre-Prep carry on ice skating, because it gets even better as you learn more steps and jumps.

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