☰ Imaginative play in Santa's workshop

Imaginative play in Santa's workshop

Posted on: December 7th 2018

Imaginative play in Santa’s workshop

In Reception, imaginative play is a key part of our curriculum. It develops children's skills in storytelling and speaking, which then feeds into pupils’ imaginative writing.

This half term, Reception created Santa’s Workshop to go with their ‘Cultural Festivals’ topic. The children have chosen characters to play, developed their own storylines and shown great communication skills through organising the game with friends. They have also developed their writing and fine motor skills through wrapping presents and writing Christmas lists and letters to Santa. Reception have also demonstrated our core value ‘Caring’ by helping each other with their writing and present wrapping.

Read some comments from Reception about the role play area:

Amelie: “I pretended to be Santa and took the presents to the children on the sleigh. I love playing in the workshop and wrapping presents.”

Ava: “I pretended to be Santa and told all the elves what they needed to do!”

Zari: “I wrote a Christmas list. I really want a sweetie shop!”

Charlie: “I pretended to be Santa and I helped my elves wrap the presents. I love the workshop because I love Christmas.”

George: “I liked building the toys with the saw.”

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