☰ Introducing Head Boy & Head Girl

Introducing Head Boy & Head Girl

Posted on: September 18th 2015

Head Boy

Hello, my name is Elliot and I’m Norfolk House School's Head Boy.
As it’s my last year at N.H. I thought it was great to end my 7 years at this school with becoming Head Boy.
 As a reception I watched Head Boy and Girl make their end of year speech and wondering how they could think of so many different words and fit them in a bundle of sentences. Now I understand how they wrote them. They wrote them with meaning and truth and not just a lot of statements that they didn’t mean.
When I stepped into our Pre-Prep I was hit with realisation that I was here to learn and not to play with ‘the big children’. I began to slowly progress through the year and I thought I was really smart once I learnt my 10 times tables.Silly but true.
I soon was in year 2 and the oldest year group in KS1. This was when I began to learn my times tables from 1 to 12 and my two favorite subjects Science and History.  
After that long year of fun and learning I moved up to KS2, year 3 and started having longer lessons, later breaks, later lunches and leaving 45  minutes later and 4 o’clock. Mrs Cannon made me feel happy in KS2, which at the time felt a big step up, but still is.
Year 4 was fun with Mrs Bolton and we began our maths with Mr Ashton, who is now my form teacher.
In year five exam prep began to ease in and we all got used to the fact that exams were near.
Now I am in year 6 and have the haunted house, cinema, theatre, french trip, summer fair stall to look forward to. 
I am excited to get started and represent my school with Marissa, who is Head Girl.
I am now in Student Council and have loads of ideas for the school, some of which are fundraisers and some are for the benefit of the school, pupils and teachers.
At N.H. I have grown since reception with my knowledge and as a person.
This year I’m hoping to achieve getting into my first choice school, Highgate, but I am pretty confident as I have an amazing group of teachers , Mrs Osborne, Mr Ashton, Mrs Holt, Mr Jowett and Ms Habgood, teaching me and helping me gain my full potential.
Kind Regards Elliot Forrest

Head Girl
Hi, my name is Marissa and this is my last year at Norfolk House School, and what a better way to end my time here than suddenly becoming Head Girl?! I really would like to help make the school a better place, and to set a good example to the younger children. It was the last day of Summer Holidays, and everyone was talking about the first day of the school year, from emails, messages and seeing each other in person, speculating who would have which role for our final year. Then the day came, it was all I could think about. We were all sitting in the Dining Hall, some people’s hearts even pounding! Head Boy was announced first, which made it more tense for the girls. Elliot! Everyone cheered, and then it stopped, waiting for Ms Habgood to reveal Head Girl. She paused and then…. “This year’s Head Girl is….. Marissa!” I was shocked! When I was up there receiving my badge I kept stuttering in shock, apologizing that I wasn't wearing my blazer, endlessly thanking her. But of course there had to be something to comment about. My reaction. When I went upstairs Mr Ashton commented that I looked like I had won an Oscar. Even people who have recently left know! After school, I called Roman, who had left last year, and I said “You should have seen my expression” and he replied “I know, Jack told me” and then he acted it out. 

The week after the announcement Elliot and I were called up to Ms Habgood’s office, intended to sign a contract, and little did we know it was a proper contract. Ms Habgood read out what our duties and responsibilities were, including setting examples to the younger children, needing to on occasions show parents around the school, writing a blog every now and then, and the end of year speech… I am guessing when you become Head Boy or Girl that is the first thing that pops into your head. Once she had read the contract, she asked us to sign it, like with a proper signature. I used my favorite of the many I have (I have created a lot of signatures during the past few years) Now, me and Elliot have to be good all the time, if not, we would be breaking the rules of the contract! 

Being in Year 6 has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages: We will be the oldest in the school, we will be doing more advanced lessons, on some occasions we will be able to go to the younger children’s classes and help them with their lessons, and get them more engaged, and, best of all, we will finally be able to have our own stalls at the Summer Fair!
Disadvantages: Exams. In Year 6, it will be our last year of school, which means at the end of the year we need to say goodbye and go to other schools. But it isn’t that easy. You don’t just say you want to go to a certain school and then the next moment you are walking into the gates of that place. Oh no, you need to have exams on Maths, English and Verbal or Non - Verbal reasoning, and then judging by your exams you can get an interview, and then you will be informed if you are in or not. Lately we have been preparing a lot, being timed on many papers, but it is not because our teachers are mean, it is because they want us to get into the schools we want to go to. I think if you don’t get into one school and you go to another, it means that that school was the right one for you, and the other one wasn’t.

The good thing about being Head Girl is that you get to automatically be in Student Council!
Student Council is where a group of Year 6’s 1 Year 5 and 1 Year 4 get together and think of different ideas that the school could hold, like a School Bake Off, a School Talent Show, and we think of fundraising ideas to raise money to send to a charity of our choice.

I am really looking forward to doing my duties, and as Aristotle said (we are learning about him in science) ‘Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work’ and I would like to achieve that, enjoying myself whilst doing duties, and then everything will turn out perfectly.


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