☰ Introducing Writers’ Corner by Ms Habgood

Introducing Writers’ Corner by Ms Habgood

Posted on: October 6th 2011

As part of our commitment to recognising the achievements of our pupils, I would like to introduce ‘Writers’ Corner’ where I will regularly select work from pupils that they have completed in lessons, to share with you. This week, I was very excited to see some excellent work from pupils in 3B, who had used pictures as a stimulus for creating effective descriptive settings. They came and very proudly read their independent work to me:One spooky night, out of the mist, I spotted a castle on a mountain. It was so terrifying I nearly jumped out of my skin. As the mist cleared, I felt a little safer. Suddenly I heard a bat screech and yelled, “a a a a a a a a a a” !! I was petrified. I saw the turrets trying to touch the misty sky, I nearly cried. It was dark and lonely and the moon didn’t seem very nice either. I trembled all over when I saw the bat up-close and cried, “go away nasty bat”. The bat just went away with a “yeeeeeek”. I felt cold but couldn’t take my eyes away from the castle. It was like it was bewitching me! I gave a sudden yeeellllllppp as I thought the castle had moved !!!!!


One day I suddenly got lost in a misty cove. It had a rocky graveyard, I was so freaked out I turned back. As I ran back, I saw this terrifying castle, it had razor-sharp turrets with a rain cloud next to it and a little bat flying past. I wondered what was inside bit I dare not go in. the castle itself was standing on a huge mountain. Meanwhile there was loads of fog slowly coming in. I decided to stay for a while because I was a little less fearful. I heard an owl in the trees, I looked back at the castle, it still petrified me. It had a haunted look, maybe a zombie and a gang of witches lived there !!!!!!


One night I was walking along a freaky path when a spooky castle loomed in the distance. I jogged a little closer when I heard a loud screech. I felt as though a bucket of cold icy water had been tipped all over me!! I began to tremble from head to toe. I looked up at the castle again, it seemed to be on a mountain and the turrets looked as though they were reaching for the moon-lit sky. They looked like coal-coloured needles and the rain cloud above them was rumbling and roaring like a lion! Did you know that the castle was too scary for me to cope with and I nearly fainted? I looked at the rocky mountain and touched it. It was far too chilly to climb and all my hair started to stand up on end! I was getting extremely cold and decided it was time to go home now.



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