☰ KS2’s Tasting Assembly with Theo and Miss Milligan

KS2’s Tasting Assembly with Theo and Miss Milligan

Posted on: June 14th 2013

On Monday 6th June, KS2 had a tasting assembly to get them thinking about the lunches at Norfolk House. The children were challenged to tell the difference between white and brown pasta and rice – without looking! Most could detect some difference in taste and texture and this lead to a discussion about the health benefits of brown rice and pasta –which included more fibre and more nutrients.

The children were also challenged to guess the fresh herbs which are used in Norfolk House lunch recipes - many knew parsley but were not so sure about the others!

The school has also launched the Norfolk House Menu Poster competition – to design an eye-catching poster to display the lunch menu around the school. We are looking forward to all the fantastic entries!

Cooking with Theo has also launched this week. Every Monday afternoon each form will have the opportunity to cook a simple, healthy recipe with Theo. They will learn different cooking techniques, staying safe in the kitchen and, hopefully, the joy of cooking! This week, Form 3 made tomato spirals- they looked delicious!

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